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Derby Julep

Classic Mint Julep

1 T. simple sugar
4 mint leaves
1/3 cup bourbon
Shaved ice
Confectionary sugar

Pour over simple syrup, bourbon, and 2 bruised mint leaves.
Fill to the top with ice, sprinkle top with sugar and garnish with remaining mint leaves.

The Sidecar

The Sidecar has been referred to as the best cocktail to come out of prohibition. It’s a tasty drink consisting of equal parts of 3 ingredients.

3/4 Cointreau
3/4 Lemon juice
3/4 Cognac

Shake well with cracked ice. Partially rim your cocktail glass with lemon juice and sugar. Strain and pour. Enjoy.


Negroni recipe


Federal and state income tax is due March 15th; the cost of success. As I sign on the bottom line it feels like the right time for a drink. A few weeks back I enjoyed the 1040EZ at The Blue Point in Duck, NC. John the resident bartender used the The Income Tax Cocktail recipe and gave it a catchy name. It was beautifully executed, I had fun playing with the graphics.
Click here for recipe.

I just spotted an error in my graphic.  Anyone else see it?


The Glass

A few nights ago, we were playing around with cocktails and photos for Mardi Gras; although Ryan didn’t find the drink blog worthy, I saved the photos. The glass was a beautiful green stemmed crystal; a one of a kind find. After washing, Henry knocked it off the counter. The glass shattered. So sad.

Oh, Henry.